Our Service

Our service aims to take the hassle out of having a baby. We provide a high quality pool with all the equipment you need and we provide personal support and information so you can make the birth choices you want.

We know there are many cheaper birth pools on the market but Aquabirths at Home is here to provide a high quality product and service because this is what women need and deserve.

Our Pools

Our pools are padded for comfort, insulated to maintain water temperature in the pool for many hours, and are easy to use. The double liner system means they don’t leak, the sturdy construction means they do not tip or deflate.  They are roomy, but have flexibility so that, with beanbags and cushions, your ideal pool birth environment can be constructed.

What does the hire include?

Our padded insulated birth pool hire comes with all the equipment you will need from a double liner, to the tap adaptors for your taps. Also, the piping and pump needed to fill and empty the pool, a simple sanitizer system so you can use the pool as often as you want during the hire. Even a jug, sieve, and thermometer are provided. There are basic written instructions to follow but we are also always on the end of a phone to provide information or advice.

How long do I have the pool for?

We like the pool to be delivered before 37 weeks – usually between 36 and 37 weeks. It is then set up and ready in case of an early arrival! The hire period is from delivery for five weeks or until the baby is born whichever is the longer: we charge a flat rate so there is no extra charge for late babies. Our costs are mainly around delivery and return of the pool, and it is relatively cheap to keep a pool set up in a customer’s home for a few weeks! We do encourage you to use the pool as often as you want: this is your bath, your hot tub, your comfort zone. You have hired the pool so Enjoy!

What happens when you book a pool?

Once your order is made, we will contact you with an information letter and invoice, A non-returnable deposit reserves the pool and the balance is paid before delivery.

We will put you on the Choices in Childbirth monthly mailing list so you are in touch with our birthing community of local support groups, information events and courses, and news on latest research, policy and birth experiences. We are always available if you want a chat, to pick our brains, or you are facing a challenge in getting the birth you want.

Two to three weeks before your pool is to be collected or delivered, we will be in touch for the payment balance and to make arrangements so the delivery and set up can go smoothly.

If we have not heard from you first, we will be in touch towards the end of the normal hire period to check if you need the pool for longer or whether we can arrange the return of the pool. We love to listen to birth stories and receive photos at this time – whatever the experience you had.

Booking and Payment

Hire costs £195 including VAT plus delivery.
You can collect the pool for free. Collection includes a free pool demonstration.

To book the pool

You can ring 0345 230 1381 and speak to one of our lovely staff members.  Better still, if you are in the Bradford area, telephone Caroline on 07912 443 122.
You can email office@aquabirths.co.uk
You can pay the £45 deposit via Paypal and we will get in touch with you for further information and to introduce ourselves.

Expected Due Date