About Us

Meet husband and wife team Ruth and David Weston who run Aquabirths and Aquabirths at Home. They have five children, four of whom are waterbirth babies, born in the pools they now hire.

“You could say that we liked it so much we bought the company because initially Aquabirths was simply a mad impulse buy”, says Ruth.

“I wanted to hire a pool for the birth of my fourth child, but Alison, who’d founded Aquabirths, said she couldn’t help because she would be in New Zealand.  I asked when she’d be back and Alison said she was emigrating!

Without someone to take over, Yorkshire would be without a birth pool company and I couldn’t let that happen… but we had only three weeks before Alison left so it was a whirlwind change to our lives.”


It was ten days later that Ruth and David became the proud owners of six birthing pools and a birth pool hire business. It was their first business, but motivated by a passion for enabling women to enjoy a good birth they learned how to make it work.

Twelve years on, and Ruth and David still hire birth pools, and now design and make them – here in the UK – for hospitals and birth centres here and all over the world!

And in the meantime, that passion for birth rights means they have become a hub for families, doulas, midwives and birth workers. Bradford Birth Choices, started by Ruth, still meets regularly to ensure pregnant women get all the information, support and nurturing they need for a good birth. They loan a range of helpful books through the group and Ruth speaks at conferences to spread the word on birth rights.

Ruth’s Bornstroppy blog shares her thoughts, there’s always something interesting on our Facebook page, and the monthly Choices newsletter is a great way to stay informed (sign up HERE). If you’re thinking of hiring a birthing pool, get in touch anytime

To find out more about our baths and equipment for hospitals, visit the Aquabirths Website